​LUG and Climate Change Denial

My book, Lug: Dawn of the Ice Age, is my answer to climate change denial. In the second Lug book (coming out Fall, 2015), I've named one of the characters Renato. This is in memory of Renato Dulbecco, the Nobel Prize-winning biologist whom I had the privilige to get to know as my father-in-law.


My wife and I both come from scientific families and have done research. So it’s extra frustrating to us when folks use the benefits of science, but then deny its findings. And given how much climate change will impact all the kids in our lives, it's downright painful to see authority figures denying the overwhelming evidence that it's largely caused by mankind. Especially when they turn out to be shills for corporations that massively contribute to global warming.

Unfortunately, my father-in-law became ill and passed away before I could show him Lug. But I have had the privilege of talking about climate change with some of the world’s leading scientists and technologists. No one is wondering if it is man-made. But due to its exacerbating effect on disease epidemics, some are wondering if it’s going to be man-killing.

Happy Thursday!