Personal Climate Change

​What are biggest things you can do to combat global climate change?

1) Speak up!

Bother your friends. Annoy your family. Email your political leaders!

2) Engage in PCC (Personal Climate Change)

Okay, that’s not really a thing. But what I mean by changing your personal climate is transforming what you take in and give out to the world.

My family’s biggest Personal Climate Change occurred last year, when we moved to Santa Cruz. We chose a bike-friendly neighborhood, downsized to a smaller house, and are now re-landscaping to use minimal water. But this isn’t all about giving up things. It’s liberating and fun to bike my daughter to school every day.


Ultimately, Personal Climate Change is not radical at all. It’s just implementing the old tried and true golden rule—treating the rest of the world the way you'd want to be treated. Anyway, if you try some PCC, please tell people what you’ve learned—especially the decision-makers in your family, town, country, virtual world, etc.

I dedicated Lug to those ‘brave enough to speak up.’ In other words, you!