About This Book

Bertie is a gentle, book-loving GIANT who is teased by the fish in his school. When they start calling him ‘Codzilla,’ he gets fed up and starts living up to the name. But when an EVEN BIGGER danger strikes from the deep, it’s the size of Bertie’s heart that really matters. From David Zeltser (Ninja Baby) and Jared Chapman (Vegetables in Underwear) comes a heartfelt and hilarious tale about courage, forgiveness, and the power of knowing your shark facts.

What People are Saying

​In this comical story of individuality and ingenuity . . . . cartoon illustrations plainly convey the silliness of the fishy tale while communicating the very real emotions—anxiety, guilt, and satisfaction—that Bertie’s situation evokes.​
Publishers Weekly
It’s refreshing to see the reversal of size stereotypes . . . . The fish [have] remarkably expressive, rather goofy faces. . . . Don’t miss the titles of the library books. This fish tale is amusing
Kirkus Reviews

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