​LUG and Climate Change Denial

Aug 14, 2014

This is in memory of Renato Dulbecco, the Nobel Prize-winning biologist whom I had the privilige to get to know as my father-in-law.

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Personal Climate Change

Aug 14, 2014

What are biggest things you can do to combat global climate change?

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WELCOME! (And a word on the cut-paper home page design . . .)

Aug 8, 2014

Thanks for visiting my new virtual home. We're still doing a little construction but . . . come on in!

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I loved writing this humor piece for McSweeney's

Aug 8, 2014

From The Complete Guide to the Care and Training of the Writer in Your Life

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LUG will also be published in Europe and Asia

Aug 1, 2014

Ja! The German publisher is doing all new interior illustrations. 

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